There is only one LULU DEVINE! 

LULU DEVINE has returned to the video arena with a blast in her
 first feature video in years.  She has teamed with Erotic Film Director D. Kelly Marsalis and taken the world by storm in the exciting new Video THRILL SEEKER. Shot on location in the back drop of Los Angeles CA. Lulu Devine is a Erotic Buxotic marvel unlike any other! With some of the biggest set of Bodashus Ta-Ta's ever set lose on the general public! Catch her bringing trains to a complete stop on the tracks!  Strolling down the Blvd. completely nude! Visit Lulu in the Dungeon as she whips everyone into shape with her candid and frank views on the B&D/S&M scene.  Lulu expands and pushes the fetish genre to a whole new level in  THRILL  SEEKER and discovers a new way of Buxotic expression in the process.  Joined with D. Kelly Marslis' SETEC ASTRONOMY PRODUCTIONS www.setecastronomy  Lulu  Devine not only sets a new video standard in the world of Big Bust.  She creates a new genre by her no holds barred risk taking and
total shock value style!

Known the world over for her outrageous antics and stuts, she shows us why she she is sometimes call the "Lunatic Lulu" as she stars in this exciting new DVD/Video release:
Ms. LuLu Devine:
Fans have waited to see Lulu Devine return back to the video arena for years and she burst through with a blast of exciting erotic breast fetish that is the highest in shock value. Shot completely on location in Los Angeles by  erotic fetish provocateur D. Kelly Marsalis, THRILL SEEKER captures Lulu  Devine in a powerful and close up light that shows her expanse as a performer and Big Bust Super Model. Lulu takes L.A. by storm and stops Freight Trains in the process!  The Devine/Marsalis tandem is probably first of many to follow as Lulu comes to life under Marsalis' erotic brand of direction in the nude public art and fetish.

MS. LULU DEVINE: THRILL SEEKER is a hot nude adventure that takes the genre
 to new heights and expands the sexuality of the Great Lulu Devine!


Coming soon only to Fan Club and  PhotoClub Members in VHS and DVD!